Increasing the intensity a little

In accord with my plan to add some moderate intensity workouts to my schedule, I set out to do 6 x 1Km intervals along a gently undulating circular 1Km path through Clifton Wood, yesterday. My goal was a notional 5K pace – since I haven’t run a 5K race for over 40 years, it had to be a guess, and I settled on 4:25/Km.

We have had very little rain this week, and the path was in fairly good condition apart from one shoe-sucking patch of bog near a fallen beech tree. At the end of the warm-up my legs still felt heavy following last week’s Hard Rock Challenge, and I really struggled to build up speed. My time for the first 1Km was 4:37 but mean heart rate was only 127 (about 80% of my maximum HR) so I was confident that once my legs were thoroughly limbered up I could step-up the pace a bit. In the second repetition, I cut the time to 4:13 and increased mean HR to 139. I covered the remaining 4 repetitions in 4:16; 4:22; 4:23; and 4:14 with mean HR 140 or 141 for each – though due to lower HR at the beginning of each repetition, the steady state HR in the second half of each repetition was around 145 which is 91 % of my maximum and almost certainly into my anaerobic zone. Overall, I felt quite pleased, and for similar sessions in the near future, I will set my nominal 5K pace at 4:20 /Km.

Today I set out to do an easy 15K along the banks of the river Trent. I didn’t wear a watch, but I would guess my pace was in the range 6:00 to 6:15 /Km It was a glorious day and when I got to Beeston, where families were sitting beside the river in the sunshine eating lunch, with Dads ambling out of the riverside pub carrying pints of beer, it seemed so idyllic that I decided not to turn for home as initially planned, but to continue a few Km further south through the Attenborough nature reserve. On the return journey my recent exertions started to catch up with me and over the final few Km my legs were once again heavy. I had to concentrate to maintain a high cadence with a rapid lift of the foot from each stance. The total distance was between 18 and 19 Km. It is wonderful to be enjoying a late Indian summer after such a miserable official summer.

One Response to “Increasing the intensity a little”

  1. warriorwoman Says:

    Thanks for your message.
    I used to live in Beeston – never managed 6 min km’s though.

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