Running again

It was great to go for an easy paced 5 Km run today. Though a wintery sun struggled to penetrate the clouds and fine droplets of rain hung in the air, a variegated pattern of russet, brown and gold carpeted the woodland floor. In places the vivid brown of beech leaves dominated, elsewhere it was the dull brown of oak or the brilliant gold of maple. Under the stand of larch, a shower of fresh yellow needles added to the deep pile that has accumulated over the years creating my favourite running surface.

In light of my recent calf troubles, I ran with small steps, focusing on lifting my foot from the ground rather than actively pushing off to initiate each airborne phase. There was a scarcely perceptible ache in my right calf, concentrated in the vicinity of the muscle tissue damaged by the vicious nocturnal cramp I had suffered recently, in the week following a mild tear of my right soleus muscle arising for an injudicious increase training intensity a month ago. It appears that my lingering troubles are more closely related to the nocturnal cramp than the original injury. It is difficult to know whether the two events were even related. The primary precipitant for the nocturnal cramp was apparently dehydration, and the cramp affected both legs simultaneously. However, it is possible that irritability of the previously injured muscle contributed to greater damage on the right. Whatever the cause, it is clear that I must take things easily in the next few weeks, but I am happy to be running again.

3 Responses to “Running again”

  1. Andrew(AJH) Says:

    Good to hear your out running again, and it sounds like a beautiful day for it! Keep taking it easy won’t you!

  2. Ewen Says:

    That’s good news. With small steps, it’s easier to see every detail in the beauty of nature. Regarding the nocturnal cramping – as well as dehydration, it would be worth keeping an eye on the magnesium in the diet. Ultra guys swear by magnesium/sodium supplements to avoid muscle cramping.

    Thanks for your thoughts on my 10k race – when I see it like that, it’s obvious a great performance wasn’t going to happen. I’ll endeavor to get some of those higher intensity sessions happening over the next 2 months or so.

  3. canute1 Says:

    Ewan, Thanks; I will look into the question of magnesium in the diet. Since Andrew’s recent comment about diet and recovery from injury I have been looking into a few issues about diet. It is a topic with lots of controversial opinion, but I am beginning to think that, as a guy interested in keeping an aging musculo-skeletal system in fairly good shape, it is time I weighed up the evidence a bit more thoroughly. I will probably do a few posts about some of the issues that emerge from my explorations in the near future and I will look forward to further comments.

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