Signals from the unconsious mind

It has taken a week to shake off the cold that I developed last weekend, and even now the last vestiges persist. However, compared with some of my friends who suffered the same bug, I did not suffer too badly. Some of my work colleagues who had developed symptoms a few days before me were still off work yesterday. For me the worst symptoms were painful throat and ears that kept me awake at night, and pain in the shoulders. By today those symptoms have disappeared, though my upper airways are still a bit congested.

This morning when I was in the garage sorting the household waste for re-cycling, I decided to do a few pull-ups to the rafters. I have a distance runner’s skinny arms and do not do any regular upper body strength training, though I occasionally do a few pull-ups or press-ups. I remember being pleased when on my 60th birthday I found I could still do 10 consecutive pull-ups. (I hadn’t recommenced running at that time and in general was feeling quite unfit). Today, I was struggling to get my chin above the cross-beam even on the first pull-up and after the second I decided to desist. It appeared that my unconscious mind was sending a signal that my recently painful shoulders were not yet ready for the task.

However, my conscious mind was eager for a run, and my unconscious mind did not signal any disapproval as I set out for an easy paced 8 Km run along the river bank. The weather was misty but mild compared with recent weeks, and it felt really good to be out running. I am eager to get back to systematic training soon, but nonetheless, I will continue to be guided by how comfortable things feel few more days.

One Response to “Signals from the unconsious mind”

  1. Ewen Says:

    10 is impressive! 3 is it for me – I really should do some pull-ups and push-ups.

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