I have been enjoying my easy paced runs along the riverside path in the past few days. Apart from a few strides-outs for a hundred metres or so, have not felt inclined to push myself at all. I have been surprised at how debilitated I have felt following the cold I suffered two weeks ago. I note from the newspapers that the country has been experiencing a minor flu epidemic, and in light of the of the marked musculo-skeletal aches I experienced, especially in the shoulders, along with the sore throat and earache, I think the virus that attacked my upper airways was probably a flu virus rather than a common cold virus.

Yesterday morning, a few hours before Christmas dinner, I met far more people than usual on the path, most of them out walking their dogs, and I found myself reminiscing mentally about my various encounters with dogs during my runs in the past year or so. I am not a ‘dog person’. I feel irritated with dog-owners when I step on dog poo left thoughtlessly mid-path. On one occasion I wrenched my knee when I was forced to take abrupt last minute action to avoid an over-friendly puppy. On another occasion I didn’t take avoiding action in time and my knee connected quite forcefully with the dog’s jaw, causing the owner to lambast me with a torrent of abuse. However, mostly I find the dogs quite entertaining. Many of them appear to find it more fun to run with me than to stay with their ambling owners. They usually take no notice when I stop and point back towards their owner with what I intend to be a firm command ‘Go back’. In most cases they take no more notice when their owners plaintively call them back. So sometimes they run with me for quite a distance. On one occasion I was worried that I might have irretrievably separated an irrepressible young dog from its mistress after it had accompanied me for several kilometres.

This afternoon there were fewer walkers out with their dogs. On my outward journey I had a quite chilly northerly breeze in my face, but on the homeward journey, running toward the delicate December sunset with the breeze behind me, it felt very peaceful. However, much as I enjoy these easy runs, I am looking forward to a few more energetic sessions in the near future.

One Response to “Dogs”

  1. Andrew(AJH) Says:

    It is my estimation that 99%, no make that 100%, of the problems caused by dogs, to runners, cyclists, or the population in general, are no fault of the dog, the blame must lie fairly and squarely with irresponsible (or, if I’m being kind due to Christmas spirit, inexperienced) dog owners.

    Merry Christmas !

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