Back-to-back sessions

I have just got back for a 16K run which included 12 K of moderate intensity fartlek done in the hope of getting a little bit of speed back into my legs. It was a wonderful blue-sky day with a brisk breeze creating choppy patterns on surface of the river, and I felt quite energized. During the ‘speed’ phases of the fartlek I was fairly fluent, though there was a slight residual heaviness in the legs after yesterday’s interval session. I am persisting with my plan of doing moderately intense back-to-back sessions once per week, followed by a rest day and an easy day. Because of my recent respiratory problems the sessions have been a bit less intense than originally intended (eg 4x1Km rather than 6x1Km on the first day) and it is still too early to judge how successful this strategy will be be in improving my fitness. Nonetheless, so far I am pleased to find that I am able to achieve a substantial cumulative training load over the two day period without subjecting myself to intense stress, and hope this training load will provide a good stimulus to anabolic processes during the subsequent recovery period.


One Response to “Back-to-back sessions”

  1. Ewen Says:

    Making subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) adjustments to the training is important for older athletes. “Bull-at-a-gate” training in our youth could be gotten away with, but no longer!

    I hope the rest of the week goes well.

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