Disclaimer and copyright

The information posted on this site is based largely on observation of elite athletes; reading published information on running affording greater weight to peer reviewed scientific publications; and application of the principles of physiology, anatomy and physics as described in my article on the mechanics of running.  While I have attempted to apply scientific rigour in evaluating the evidence, the proposals about running style have only been tested by myself. They have not been subjected to any form of controlled trial and hence must be regarded as a speculative proposals rather than a proven method of safe, efficient running.  Any reader should be aware of limitations of this site and should seek professional advice before introducing changes in their running style.

Several commercial organizations market information about running style.I have no intention of marketing the information on this site, as my primary goal is to encourage as much discussion as possible with other runners.  Everyone is welcome to use the material on this site for their own personal study.  However, to avoid the possibility that any original ideas expressed on this site might be absorbed into a commercial package with restricted access, I assert my copyright to the original material presented on this site (Copyright, Canute 2007-2017)

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